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I had to undergo surgery after using the 3-months family planning injection

Wewe hutumia gani?

I had ectopic pregnancy on Depo injection(theGrio)

Each time I think of using family planning, I think twice and actually consider abstaining if I have to. Maybe I am just one in a few women but my experience with family planning hasn't been the best. I mean, I almost lost my life.

Choosing the best family planning method

I had heard of the daily pills but they seemed like too much work to me. Would I remember to swallow a pill each and everyday without missing? I couldn't trust my memory enough. IUD? Good heavens, I'd rather die than have some piece of metal in my uterus! Well, I had heard they are good but for some reason, I was just scared of them. So, next in line was either the three months injection or the implant. An injection after every three months didn't sound like a bad idea and I was up to giving it a trial.


Emergency case of ectopic pregnancy

For like an year, everything went on well until one day when everything took a different direction. I had shortness of breath,sweating and extreme pain on my abdomen. I had to be rushed to Kenyatta Hospital and was told I had internal bleeding. The cause? Ectopic pregnancy. I was immediately rushed to the theater and and underwent a surgery to remove the fetus. Apparently, the fetus was already one and a half months.

How this happened, is one thing I have never understood up to date. I might have conceived in between the injections or after the Depo injection. Anyway, I still don't know what happened to date. But the fear of using family planning runs so deep in me that I have never used any family planning again. That one experience got me so traumatized and I can't imagine using family planning ever again.


What is ectopic pregnancy?

This is when the fertilized egg gets implanted outside the uterus. In most cases, it usually happens in the fallopian tubes and can be life threatening if not tended to in time. While there are no specific causes of ectopic pregnancies, some factors put one at a higher risk.

One study found that although it was rare to get pregnant on Depo, it happens. All the same, the injectibles were not found to increase one's risk of having an ectopic pregnancy in this study.

The narrator requested anonymity.



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