Important things you should be stocking up on at these crucial times

Not sanitizers

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Better safe than never, right? Even if some people are already working from home and avoiding travel as much as possible, at least we still have the freedom to go to the supermarket or the grocery to get a few things whenever we need them.

When the first case of Covid-19 was announced in Kenya, we saw people rushing to shop. Clearly, some of them just shopped without a clear plan as you could see some pushing a trolley full of sanitizers and antiseptic liquids.

While we all pray and wish that Kenya doesn’t get to a point where there will be a complete lockdown, it might help to stock up with a few basic items. You really do not need tens of hand sanitizers. Instead, try stocking up with these important things:

1. Check on your first aid kit

Does it have all the necessary items? If not, replace what’s not there and add what’s almost finished.

2. Medicine

If you or your family member uses certain prescribed medication like maybe hypertension or diabetes tablets, make sure they have enough to last them for a few more days.

3. Fuel

Now, it makes zero sense to stock up on food items but no fuel. Refill your extra gas cylinder, get a stove and some paraffin, and buy charcoal if you use a jiko.

4. Fruits and vegetables

Even when indoors, you will still need to be staying healthy. Check some of the foods you can be eating to keep your immunity strong here. Fruits like oranges, passion and bananas can stay for weeks without going bad and you don’t have to refrigerate them. Vegetables like carrots and tomatoes can also last longer if stored properly. Learn how you can preserve your carrots here without refrigeration.

5. Tampons

As it is now, things are tough enough already and the last thing you will want is to be in total lockdown yet you do not have tampons or sanitary towels. Make sure you have enough to last you even if it’s for your next two periods.

6. Nuts

Even if you do not have a refrigerator, you can still store your nuts in an airtight container and they will last long without going bad. Get a variety of nuts whether raw or ready and stock up.

7. Other basics

You might also need to stock up a little more with toiletries, baby items like diapers, dry foods like rice and lentils among other nonperishables.

You might also want to take your money to the bank or Mpesa if you have lots of cash in your house.


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