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Genius ways to keep carrots fresh for longer without refrigeration

They don’t wilt

Fresh carrots(ArchDaily)

You may find that even with the fridge, your carrots don’t last long. They lose moisture and within a few days, they have wilted. But did you know that you can still keep your carrots fresh and crispy for weeks even without the refrigerator?

Whether your fridge has become dysfunctional or you are yet to get one, these clever hacks got you sorted:


This is probably the easiest method of all. After buying your carrots from the market or getting them from the shamba, cut the greens and wash them well. Then, dry them using a cotton cloth or simply spread them on a surface where they can naturally lose the water. Once they are dry, put them in a plastic paper bag. Don’t cover too tight though since if moisture accumulates, they will rot. With this method, your carrots can stay fresh and crispy for over a month.

This method involves wrapping your clean and dry carrots with an aluminum foil. When wrapping, leave some space to allow the moisture to escape.


This is also super easy. Simply cut off the greens, then put some sawdust in a box or bucket and add the carrots on top. It should be in layers such that you put carrots, cover with sawdust and repeat the same until all your carrots are covered. Then put them in a cold store.

This method works the same as the sawdust one. You make layers of carrots covered in sand. With the right temperatures, you carrots can stay fresh for up to three weeks with this method.



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