Incredible benefits of moringa that you need to know

It's good for arthritis

Moringa leaves(The Conversation)

You have probably seen or heard the name moringa on TV or on social media. Just in case you’ve been wondering what animal this is, it’s a plant that is becoming so popular thanks to its great benefits.

Scientifically known as moringa oleifera, the plant is used as a natural remedy for various health conditions. It’s also used in preventing diseases and infections.

Although most parts of the plant are edible, the leaves and the pods are mostly consumed in their powder form as traditional medicine. Some scientifically backed up benefits of moringa include:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties

When the body is sick, it may react by inflammation. Moringa can thus be used in treating conditions that cause inflammation such as arthritis.

2. Bone health

Moringa contains phosphorus and calcium which are both for keeping your bones healthy and strong.

3. Lowering cholesterol

High cholesterol levels have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Consuming moringa can however lower your cholesterol levels. Check out other foods that lower cholesterol here.

4. Helps with diabetes

Studies have shown that consuming moringa helped in lowering blood sugar levels in the blood.

5. Antioxidants

Oxidative stress leads to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Moringa has antioxidants which fight the free radicals that bring about the oxidative stress.


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