9 interesting facts about dreams you didn't know

We all dream

Woman sleeping(Elite Daily)

Ever wondered why you dream and what the dream mean? While some people believe that dreams are an image of what’s in your mind or a way to speak to you during sleep, scientists are yet to come up with real reasons behind dreaming. It’s as complex as that and most of our questions will remain unanswered until scientists hack the puzzle.

Despite all that, there are a few facts about dreams that you probably didn’t know. Check out some of them:

1. Blind people dream

They may have never seen anything physically but they dream in regards to their other senses such as touch and smell. People who became blind afterward can see real images in their dreams.

2. Fetuses dream

Huh? You read that right. That means you started dreaming while you were still in your mother’s womb. The only difference is that their dreams are restricted to things such as sounds because they can’t see yet.

3. Everyone dreams

‘I swear I never dream’ ooh really? You’ve been lying to yourself because of everyone dreams. It’s only that you cannot remember your dreams.

4. Multiple dreams

While some people say that they do not dream, the truth is that the average person dreams after very few hours. Someone can have up to seven dreams in one night depending on how many Rapid Eye Movement (REM) cycles they have.

5. Men and women dream differently

First, men’s dreams are more aggressive as compared to those of women. Also, most of the characters in men’s dreams are other men while women see almost equal numbers of both genders in their dreams.

6. You only dream with people are familiar with

The strange faces you see in your dreams are not really strange. Could be you traveled in the same matatu while going to work but you can’t remember.

7. Not everyone dreams in color

Some people dream in black and white.

8. Animals dream as well

You have probably seen your pet acting weird while asleep. It’s probably in its dreamland.

9. Dreams can turn into reality

Abraham Lincoln dreamed about his assassination and it did happen.


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