If you’re in the #braidgang, then I’m pretty sure that you’re always sourcing for new bangin’ styles to try out.

Currently, bob braids are the new wave. With the current hot weather, we actually endorse the style, and not just because of that, but also because it’s quite stylish and effortlessly stunning, if done right. Moreover, you could say that it’s a pretty versatile style in that, you can choose a colored braid, have cornrows at the front or side, use accessories at the ends of the braids and when it comes to styling, well, while you do not have as many options as lengthy braids present, you could play around with some styles like partitioning a small section of the braids into a top knot and letting the rest of the braids flow, or even simply adding accessories like hats, turbans etc. One thing though, if your hairdresser burns the ends of the braids, this may be uncomfortable when the ends get in contact with your skin, not to mention this will also cause the braids to stick together, so instead of burning the ends, you could use rubber bands in the same color as your braids, beads or braid rings to secure the ends. Whether you’re going for chunky or pencil sized bob braids, this style is a must try; in fact, have a look at photos that will convince you to try it.

Bob braids with accessories (Instagram kinkycurlpattern)
Bob braids with half cornrows (Instagram thecutlife)
How to style bob braids (Instagram esie_seade)
You can choose to have shoulder length bob braids (Instagram seattleafricanbrais)
If you love a little bit of pizzazz, you can accessorize your bob braids with strings and beads (Instagram theglowbeautybar_za)
Stand out in colored braids instead of going for the conventional black color (Instagram ecostinhahair)
Burgundy bob braids (Instagram official_lilianpatrick)
Neat bob braids (Instagram styles_by_tashi)
You can accessorize your bob braids with hats or turbans (Instagram the cutlife)
You can add your own twist to the style like infusing braids and cornrows (Instagram official_zeebraids)