Kenyan celebrities who make short hair look so cute (Photos)

Cute haircuts you can try

Kenyans celebrities with cute haircuts

Would you consider cutting your hair? It's not an easy decision but if you decide to, you will also have to look for the best haircuts that would suit you depending on its shape.

There are lots of cute haircuts you can choose from ranging from simple one to sophisticated ones. It all depends on your preference. We have seen some of our Kenyan celebrities embrace short hair and some make it look so cute that you want to go to the barber shop ASAP.

Check out how amazing these celebrities look in short hair:

1. Huddah Monroe - Although you might spot Huddah in a wig or scarf once in a while, she mostly rocks her short hair and we can't get enough of it.

2. Joy Kendi - She prefers to keep it simple but it still looks magnificent.

3. Wahu Kagwi - Her haircuts are simply goals.

4. Wabosha Maxine - The Youtuber is always experimenting with different hairstyles and among them is this simple haircut.

5. Lupita Nyong'o - Ms Nyong'o is another celebrity who crowns different hairdos but still manages to look good in all of them. Take for instance this haircut.

6. Jane Mukami - Some colour goes a long way in adding some elegance into your look! Just be sure to do a colour that suits your complexion.

7. Lilian Muli - Beneath the expensive wigs that we know Lilian Muli for is this cute haircut that she got recently.

8. Muthoni Mukiri - Recently, the Inooro TV news presenter took the bold step and chopped her hair. All the same, she still looks great in her short hair.


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