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This is how Kenyan celebrities are styling their hair during quarantine(Photos)

Quarantine hairstyles

Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli - Celebrities' hairstyles during quarantine

People are avoiding visiting hair salons like never before due to coronavirus. celebrities have not been left behind and some of them have gone a step further to do DIY hairstyles.

Have a look at how your favorite celebrities are styling their hair during quarantine. You could borrow a few tips, maybe.

1. TV girl Betty Kyallo has opted to go for braids as her quarantine hairstyle. With braids, you can at least go up to three weeks without visiting the salon.


2. If not braids, you could also go for faux locs like Joanna here. As long as you are taking good care of them, they will serve you for longer.

3. Where are the DIY queens? Thanks to lots of tutorials available online, you can learn how to do your hair at home. Milly Wa Jesus took up the challenge and braided her hair.


4. Wabosha too did crotchet braids and we must admit that she did a great job. Challenge yourself and learn a simple hairstyle that you can DIY during quarantine. You will save money and keep safe.

5. A scarf is your best friend on bad hair days when you have to leave the house. See how lovely it looks on Milly Chebby. You can do simple cornrows and do a wig or a head scar when you have to show up somewhere.

6. We have always known Kambua for her different natural hairstyles. However, Mama Nate has chosen to do faux locs during quarantine.


7. Even simple cornrows can look as amazing as Kate's so long as they are nicely done. This is a DIY hairstyle you can perfect doing with time.

8. Lilian Muli decided to get a haircut which is a lot much easier to maintain if you don't want to go to the salon and you can't braid your own hair.



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