5 great tips to make your foundation last longer

Wondering how to have long lasting makeup?

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The whole makeup up thing is not for everyone. First of all, not all of us can give ourselves a face beat and for others, they’d rather stay au naturale. If you’re a beginner in makeup, you’re probably still learning the ropes and trying to figure out how to ace the winged liner as well as what brush does what and the likes. Lucky for you, you have us to always give you beauty tips. Today we shall comb through long lasting foundation tips. You know how, sometimes you apply your foundation and after a few hours it’s all runny, your face is shining and you have to keep adding powder? Well these tips will have your foundation stay put all day.

1. Use setting spray.

You probably already know this or you have seen beauty gurus use this. Yup, that spray that MUAs spritz on their face once they’re done doing their makeup. Setting spray does the same thing as hairspray and basically sets your makeup, allowing it to stay put longer. It’s important to invest in a setting spray especially for this hot season or if you live in a humid area where you’re bound to get sweaty.

2. Blot your face using a tissue paper or paper towel after applying your foundation and concealer.

Once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, before the powder, take a piece of tissue, it could be even a kitchen paper towel and basically blot it gently all over your face to absorb any excess oils then after, go ahead and apply your powder.

3. Speaking of powder, for longer lasting makeup, use a powder puff instead of a brush.

Of course, you can always use a brush if that’s your preference, but a puff will lock in your foundation much better. What you wanna do is dab a little amount of power with your puff, knock off the excess powder and gently press the puff all over the face to powder it.

4. Don’t mix products that don’t go well together.

If you’re using a water-based moisturizer and primer, go a head and use water based foundation. If you’re using oil based, the same. It’s basic science that oil and water do not mix.

5. Try out the hacks out there for long lasting foundation.

There are two hacks I have personally tried and work just fine. The first one is Korean beauty hack, Jamsu whereby you apply your foundation, then dunk your face in a bowl of cold water, leave your face to dry on its own or pat dry gently, then go ahead and complete your makeup as you normally would. The second hack is to use loose powder after your primer, before the foundation. Yes way. Sounds crazy but, it helps your makeup stay put much longer. So basically, once you apply your primer, apply loose powder, (this is a setting powder that's different from the normal compact powder) then after, apply your foundation. You don’t have to apply more powder after but if you have oily face, you can apply powder on your T zone – forehead, eyelids, nose and chin.

Go ahead and try these hacks and see if your makeup lasts longer.


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