Mistakes to avoid when wearing a jumpsuit

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Rules of wearing a jumpsuit (Betty Kyallo - Instagram)

Jumpsuits are classy and quite simple to wear because it’s a full outfit on its own. Besides, they are stylish and can be worn to different occasions ranging from a date, dinner, to work. Usually, the occasion will determine how you style your jumpsuit.

But before you even slip into that jumpsuit, make sure you avoid these mistakes that we have seen people making:

1. Wearing a very tight jumpsuit

We have seen some ladies make this huge mistake. A jumpsuit should be well-fitting and not too tight. As much as you may want to flaunt your curves, an extremely tight jumpsuit tends to highlight your weaknesses. For instance, if you have belly fat, then a jumpsuit that is too tight around your belly isn’t a good idea. Neither is a jumpsuit that highlights your camel toe – unless that’s what you are looking for.

2. Forgetting about comfort

One downside of wearing a jumpsuit is the difficulty it brings when you need to visit the bathroom. So, even as you choose a jumpsuit, ensure that you can comfortably unzip it when need be. If it’s one of those cases where you need help unzipping it, forget about it.

3. Skinny jumpsuits for thin girls is a NO

If you are slim, go for at least a size or two bigger. A jumpsuit that is a size bigger flatters your slim body while a skinny one only makes you look skinnier.

4. Going all matchy-matchy

No, you don’t have to match everything from head to toe. Play around with different accessories and also other colours when it comes to your shoes and blazer.

5. Forgetting your waist

With the nature of some jumpsuits, they tend to conceal the shape of your body. For jumpsuits that are not defined around the waist, accessorize with a belt for a more defined and flattering look.


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