Most common hairstyles of 2019 in Kenya(Photos)

We can't wait to see new styles next year

Most common hairstyles in Kenya in 2019

Every year, we see some new hairstyles. Some last longer while others come and go. There are also those hairstyles that come but very few people try them out and those that every other lady wants to try.

In 2019, we saw some very common hairstyles which we must agree were good enough. But, we would love to see even better and some other new hairstyles come 2020.

Below are some of the hairstyles that were quite common at one period or the other in 2019:

1. Bohemian braids

Towards the end of the end of 2019, we started seeing this hairstyle and soon after, almost every lady in town had it. If your office didn’t have any lady with this hairstyle, you definitely met lots of girls in town with the bohemian braids. Probably the fact they were quite different from the normal braids prompted most people to give them a try.

2. Crotchet braids

If you want a protective hairstyles, then crotchet should be your go-to option. We saw lots of people embrace crotchet braids in 2019 but they were somewhat overdone. We hope to see even better protective hairstyles next year.

3. Box braids

Box braids are another option for anyone looking for a protective hairstyle. Once you get a hairstylist who can do them perfectly, you are good to go. Plus, they are not time-consuming as the small-sized braids yet they are lovely.

4. Bob braids

We saw lots of people go for something different this year. Instead of having long braids, braided-bob was quite a thing in 2019.

5. Cornrows with a different look

Cornrows are one of the hairstyles that never seems to get out of fashion. They just need some creativity so that they don’t look like ordinary lines.In 2019, a lot of women tried this cornrow style for a different look. Too bad, it turned out too common since everyone wanted it.

6. Jamaican dreadlocks

People are embracing dreadlocks more than ever before - women and men. And those that don’t want something permanent and but still want that Rastafarian look, faux locks are the next best option. In 2019, most ladies were willing to give the Jamaican locks a try - and try, they did.


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