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Natural ways to manage morning sickness during pregnancy

Make your journey easier


Yet at such times, you are constantly advised to eat healthy since the first trimester is most important when it comes to fetus development. But with morning sickness and nausea all day, it’s not easy.

These natural tips to ease morning sickness should make you feel better:


1. Stay hydrated

Ensure you are drinking enough water each day. The more dehydrated you are, the more you are likely to feel nauseated. You can opt for other ways to dehydrate other than drinking water.

2. Rest and sleep enough

Especially if you are working, ensure you get enough time to relax and sleep. Your body is overworking at this time and requires enough rest. You can sleep earlier and take a nap during the day if your schedule allows you.

3. Eat small meals


Instead of avoiding food completely, ensure you eat small amounts frequently. You can snack after every two hours to ensure your blood sugar doesn’t go down since that would trigger nausea and vomiting.

4. Check what you eat

Spicy foods may trigger production of gas which will worsen your morning sickness. Fatty foods on the other hand will heighten your nausea.

5. Stay engaged

Even if you have no day job, just ensure that you have something to keep your mind and body busy. Shifting your concentration to other things rather than your sickness will help ease the sickness. Take a walk, play cards, read a book or do something that challenges you to think and reason.


6. Scented tea

Instead of taking plain tea, consider taking ginger, lemon or peppermint tea. These flavors are known to help in controlling nausea. You may also want to do less of white tea because the milk might worsen your nausea.

7. Cold meals

Unless cold meals are giving you heartburns, you may want to avoid hot meals. When food is hot, the scent is still strong enough to trigger your nausea.


8. Lemons

Mostly, morning sickness is smell related. Keep a lemon with you or a fresh rosemary twig. Smell them often or add them to your water and sip slowly. The fresh smell will reduce the nausea.


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