10 period struggles that every girl can relate to

What's your worst struggle at that time of the month?

Period struggles (africanhealthmagazine)

All girls have different period experiences. But there are those common challenges that most women go through when on their period. And even if your girlfriend tried to explain to you what it feels like, trust you me you just will never understand her struggles.

I am sure that most girls will relate to these period struggles that nobody looks forward to yet, they must deal with them each and every month:

1. When your period surprises you

So you clearly marked on your calendar the date you expect your period. But oops, your period decides to surprise you a week earlier. You are probably travelling or in the office and you have no tampons.

2. When your period delays

Every time your period is late, you always worry that you might be pregnant even though you know that you have been celibate for the last six months.

3. You can’t just wear any outfit

Even girls who have light periods are scared of staining their white outfits. So you just have to go with darker shades just in case your period decides to misbehave and embarrass you.

4. Staining your sheets

You wake up in the morning and everything from your undies to your sheets is stained!

5. Worrying that you might stain a friend’s couch

You visit a friend and you are scared that you might leave bloodstains on their couch. Do you just use the couch or ask for a plastic chair?

6. You dread sneezing

You know that the moment you sneeze, it will flood down there. But then, sneezes don’t give you an option anyway.

7. When a guy asks if you are on your periods

Here’s the thing, you irritated me and I am angry. I am not angry because I am on my periods but because you acted like a nincompoop.

8. From the shower to the wardrobe

If you didn’t carry your tampons to the shower, be ready to clean up the mess on the floor after dressing up.

9. Wearing a pad on a hot day

Because not everyone loves tampons and yes, wearing a sanitary pad on a hot day is real torture.

10. The cramps, ouch! Probably the worst nightmare.


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