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10 struggles only girls with small boobies understand

It's never that easy

Beautiful woman (Refinery29)

Yaay, small boobs are awesome! Mmh, actually, not that awesome. There are struggles. Real struggles that you cannot understand unless you are a woman with small boobs.

If you don’t believe it, ask any girl with small boobies and they will tell you just how much they struggle with the listed below things:

1. Cleavage is not part of your vocabulary


Cleavages are sexy and most girls if not all would love to show off theirs. Sadly, a girl with small boobies can’t.

2. Push up bras for what?

There’s nothing to be pushed up to start with. This isn’t a trick that you can use to create a cleavage.

3. People assume you don’t need a bra


Well, why would you even think that they don’t need a bra? They got nipples as well and the main reason they put on a bra is to prevent their nipples from showing.

4. Strapless outfits are not your friend

Unless you want to spend the whole day lifting up your strapless top, these are not for you. I mean, these types of outfits need something to hold on to.


5. Some men got bigger boobs

And this leaves you wondering if it’s possible to exchange because anyway, the guy doesn’t need them.

6. You wonder if you will starve your children

It’s actually possible that your boyfriend keeps on asking if your small boobies will hold enough milk for your kids in the future. (It’s not even funny by the way lol)


7. You have tried stuffing

With a clean-shaven head and flat chest back in high school, people confused you for a boy. So, you had to stuff pieces of clothes in your bra to fake your boobies.

8. Dresses don’t fit around the chest

Every time you go to the tailor, they already know that you want your dress adjusted. Or you will have to wear an extra padded bra so that it fits appropriately.


9. Boob sex is just a unicorn for you. You better get a guy who can do without it.

10. You pray every day that you add weight at the right places

But when you eat, you only add weight around your stomach. Sad.


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