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Science proves that boys are dirtier than girls

So should they shower more?

However, showering doesn't necessarily reduce the amount of filth the body is capable of producing.

It's a miracle the human body survives so long, inhabiting bacteria (whether good or not) in nearly every orifice or wet part of the body.


Showering is only enough to help you feel remotely civilised as bathing soaps don't do anything to kill germs but to spread them around.

Only hospital grade antiseptic soaps actually kill germs.

However, it seems to affect men more than women as studies proved that men are dirtier than women.

The research found that men's offices have higher contents of bacteria than women.

Scientifically speaking, men carry more bacteria than women.


Men are less inclined to wash their hands after visiting the toilet, they have higher deposits of fat under the skin which provide a perfect environment for microorganisms to grow freely.

This, however, doesn't mean that men need to shower more frequently.

Showers, since purely aesthetic, should be done based on environmental and behavioral factors such as if you're on your period, if you're an athlete, if you suffer from urinary leakage, etc.



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