7 ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy

They will love it

Bonding with your baby bump is a perfect thing to do and it gives you an easy time once the baby arrives.

‘But how can I bond with the baby when it’s still in the womb?’ you ask. Here is how to:

1. Talking to it

At around 20 weeks, the baby can clearly hear your heartbeat and recognize voices while in the womb. As a matter of fact, some research suggest that the baby can actually recognize the mother’s voice. Even if they will not respond when you read them your favorite book, you can be certain that they can hear you.

2. Music

You have an excuse to lay down all afternoon and listen to your favorite playlist. The baby will like it and it also sets a language foundation for them. It’s even better when you sing along with daddy so that the baby gets to bond with him as well.

3. Involve the family

It’s easier for the mother to bond with the baby more as compared to the other family members. So that every family member can have an easy time with the baby once it arrives, they should take part in bonding with the baby bump. The daddy and siblings should be encouraged to speak to the baby and rub the bump.

4. Massage the bump

Gently massage your belly with olive oils as you speak sweet things to the baby. Let this be a special moment for you to feel and think fondly of your baby. The olive oil will also help prevent stretch marks.

5. Exercise

Take a walk, go swimming or attend yoga classes. Exercising is a good way to help your baby relax and prepare you for labor if you are almost due. It might also be the perfect time for the baby to sleep.

6. Respond to the kicks

When you can finally feel your baby kick, don’t just assume. That’s the perfect moment to communicate to your baby and let them know how you feel about them. When they kick, rub your bump, feel the moment and whisper something to them.

7. Pregnancy shoot

Go for a bump shoot once in a few weeks to keep track of your growing baby bump. This way, it feels more real and makes you reflect more on your pregnancy. The photos will also serve as reminder of those gorgeous moments you had with your unborn baby even after it’s born.


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