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Can toothpaste work as a pregnancy test?

Before you get to the doctor, ease your mind with this home made test.

It might be hormonal imbalance or a new family planning you are trying out that could make your periods late. Still, the idea of not spotting when you should be could strike fear or excitement at the thought of a probable pregnancy.

So here you are, at 3am tossing and turning in bed as your try to figure out how you will break the news of you getting knocked up. You’ve tried to convince yourself that you’re not carrying another human inside you but a demon of suspicion as creeped up at the back of your mind making you count the hours until morning so that you can go get that pregnancy test over and done with.

Apparently, you don’t have to wait any longer.


Why? Because all you need is toothpaste and your pee.

You’ve read right. According to Baby Prepping, a lot of women are using toothpaste as a homemade pregnancy test.

The idea is that the chemical nature of the toothpaste will react with the urine and change colour of the toothpaste to indicate a pregnancy.

Is it an accurate method?

Just like a normal pregnancy test, the toothpaste test is not 100% accurate but it should keep your in the know before you get a doctor’s result for finality.


This is done through a blood test.

According to obstetrician Dr Sheila Muthoni, the best kind of pregnancy test to take is a blood test as it detects the hormonal change faster that a normal pregnancy test which you have to wait for two weeks after  conception for it to show that you’re pregnant.

So how does the toothpaste test work?

Gather the supplies needed: two clean containers or cups, plain white toothpaste, and a timer.

When you wake up, go to the bathroom in one of the clean containers to collect your first morning urine. First-morning urine should have the highest amount of HCG hormone, which is what is in your body if you are pregnant.


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