Risks of having a child after 35

Knowledge is power.

While a lot of women who are well into their thirties are having healthy babies and smooth pregnancy, it is still important to be aware of the risks that come with having a baby during this age.

Here are some of the possible risks attached to having a baby after the age of 35.


As women age, their number of eggs and their quality tends to reduce.

2.Gestational diabetes

There is an increased risk of gestational diabetes for women that are trying to get pregnant past the age of 35.


Women who are past the age of 35 and trying to get pregnant face the risk of having a miscarriage.

It is thought that the decline in the quality of a woman’s eggs is responsible for this.

4.Premature delivery

Health complications such as intrauterine growth restriction can cause premature births.

The intrauterine growth restriction is when the baby does not grow to normal weight during pregnancy.

5.Still birth

The risk of still births is higher in older women as compared to younger women.


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