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5 mistakes to avoid when using a condom

Are you wearing the condom right?

Particularly because people know the general gist of wearing one.

However, a few mistakes may be filtering through all the instructions of how to practice safe sex.

Here are 5 condom mistakes that should be avoided.


1. Wearing two condoms at once.

Putting on two condoms doesn't give you double the protection. The friction created between the two condoms subjects them to more friction which can lead to them breaking.

2. Adding lube outside the condom only

When using lube, ensure you apply it to the penis then the outside of the condom. This also reduces chances of tearing.

3. Wearing the condom until the edge is at the tip.


You should always leave some room at the tip to ensure there is no spillage. The condom usually comes with a small teat for which acts as a repository for the ejaculate. Ensure that the teat is left free by pinching the reservoir asyou wear the condom.

4. Wearing the wrong size condom

Wearing a condom that's too tight can make it easily break. Wearing a condom that's too big may cause it to slip off. Make sure the penis is fully erect when wearing it. And always make sure the ring meets the base of the penis.

5. Not using condoms for oral or anal sex

You should use a condom whether you are having vaginal, anal or oral sex. Any kind of sex that involves exchange of fluids warrants a condom. Should you hate the taste of latex, try flavoured condoms.


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