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How to make a shoe rack for your closet

About making shoe rack for your elegant closet

A closet-like shoe rack. You may not have enough space but you can maximize on the available space to make a shoe rack out of it.

It is not rare to impulse buy pairs of shoes when you find classic ones being sold. Celebrities have often admitted to owning more than fifty pairs of shoes.

So how do you ensure that you stack up the shoes neatly in order to prevent shoddy crowding of shoes?

Here are creative ideas of making shoe racks for your closets.


Tools and Supplies needed






1. Discreet shoe cabinet

Have a discreet shoe cabinet which is the right size for storing shoes in a limited space. The doors of the cabinet can be closed in order to downplay a shouting look. You can use the top of the shelf to place decorative pieces, artwork and many other beautiful features.

2. Wearable wall art

You can turn pre-made wall shelves and paint them nicely with the colour of your choice. Having done that, place the pairs of shoes you like. Place the most beautiful shoes for exhibition if you are an enthusiastic shoe collector.

Paint the rack that is part of the closet. Give it a different beautiful and warm colour. It will make it look stylish and vibrant.


3. Distinct designated place for shoes

Do not intermingle shoes with hanging clothes, belts, ties or handbags. Create a designated place that exclusively houses shoes. You can as well create a place that is exclusively going to serve jewelry and many more aspects in order to maximize on the functionality of the closet.

4. Lazy Susan design

A lazy susan design is a round kind of rack that has different floors. Each floor has different compartments which are much like cubicles. The design means that no shoe will ever be in the back because with only one turn a shoe gets an opportunity to be front and center.

5. Wire rack Solution


It is a simple but functional solution. You can use pliers to make wire hangers with which you can hang shoes.

6. Shoe Display

Chair railing is typically used to break up a wall, but you can use it to display shoes. Take advantage of the free space to install chair railing or crown molding that can hang heels. Add decorative drawer pulls to the rail to hang flats. This keeps the most frequently worn shoes visible and easy to access. Paint it in a certain colour to spice it up.

7. Shrine shoe rack

The design allows the curved tabs to gently rest on the toe of the shoe by supporting the weight of the shoe without crushing or damaging it. The rack can hold anything from flats to heels and even some boots. The better part of it is, several racks can be integrated to accommodate shoe collections of all sizes.


8. Dressing area

Tucking the shoe rack behind the double doors of a closet is a very creative shoe rack idea. The shoe can accommodate flats, heels and boots with ease.

9. Vertical Storage

Do you have a master bedroom? Take advantage of the master closet by leveraging on the vertical space. According to designer Carmel Philips “Stackable shoe shelves keep valuable floor space available for a dressing area.”

10. Various shelf heights to maximize space


You can adjust and maximize the available shelf space by spacing racks according to the height of the shoes. It is a very creative idea from Designer Lisa Adams.

11. Angled shelves

Angled shelves make it easier for a person to view the shoes without wasting time.

12. Utilize every unused space

If you have a closet that has an empty, vertical space you can construct shelves to house your shoes and other accessories. Make the most of those shelves and the space created.


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