6 signs you could actually be a genius

Let’s see if you are a genius

Woman thinking(Talent Talks)

We have all questioned our intelligence at some point in our lives. People have probably told you that you are smart, intelligent or a genius.

But besides listening to what others say, check out if you possess most of these signs. If you do, you probably are a genius:

1. You are a night owl

Studies show that people who stay up late in the night have a higher IQ. Whether you stay up studying or working at something, your intelligence is on another level.

2. You question everything

Geniuses are always looking for answers for something. They are curious in nature and question each and every situation. And unless you can convince them and give them real evidence, they will not just buy your theory.

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3. Substance dependence

This is not a rare imperfection among geniuses. Some of them have to rely on drugs and substances for their brilliant ideas and inventions. Even some of the most brilliant brains in history such as Sigmund Freud depended on drugs as a coping mechanism.

4. You talk to yourself

Do you find yourself speaking out loud your thoughts while just walking or alone in the house? Well, you are not nuts yet. You actually might be a genius.

5. You are an ardent reader

As we said, geniuses question everything. As such, they are always looking for answers and new knowledge through reading.

6. You are forgetful

Due to the loads of information and knowledge in their brain, geniuses tend to forget a lot. However, forgetfulness can also be a medical condition.

But even if you do not have these features, worry not. We are all geniuses in our own ways.


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