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7 foods to avoid when you have dry skin

These foods make dry skin worse.

Foods like avocado help replenish essential oils in the skin and vegetables help with keeping the elasticity of the skin.

But here are 9 foods you should avoid when you have dry skin.

1. Sugar


Sugar found in foods like artificial juices or white bread causes inflammation to happen in your body due to spiked insulin levels. This causes enzymes to be produced that break down collagen which results in sagging skin.

2. Fried foods

Food fried in vegetable or animal fat can lead to break out of acne.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is high in sugar, which spikes blood sugar levels and contributes to aging by depleting collagen. It also dehydrates the skin which can increase dryness and cause dark circles under your eyes.


4. Processed meats

These have high sodium content which leads to water retention, and can cause swelling.

5. Milk

It can worsen pre-existing skin conditions such as eczema.

6. Coffee


High amounts of caffeine increases cortisol levels, which can cause inflammation.

7. Wheat

Wheat contains a protein called gluten that can cause systemic inflammation, whichcauses or worsens inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne.


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