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Here's what how you sleep says about you

Of the nine sleeping positions, we shall be looking into the most common ones which include fetal, stomach, log, starfish, soldier, and yearner.

Psychologists and sleep scientists claim that you can get some exclusive insight into someone’s personality through their sleeping position.

Although this might sound quite comical, it still doesn’t alter the fact that there are elements of truth in their claim, according to research.

However, of the nine different sleeping positions, we shall be looking into the most common ones which include fetal, stomach, log, starfish, soldier, and yearner.

Here are the most common sleeping positions and what they about your personality


1. The fatal position

Observed as the sleeping position for most women, the fatal position is the position the sleeper takes by curling the knees towards the chest like s/he is tucked inside a safe haven.

And according to research, the number of women that sleeps in this position is over twice the number of men.

However, sleep scientists say that those who find comfort in this natural position can be described as having a hard shell: They are tough on the outside, but a huge softy on the inside.

They tend to be shy when you meet them for the first time, but will eventually open up as time goes on.


2. Yearner

This is one of the most common sleeping positions among many people. And it entails a person sleeping on their side with their arms stretched out in front of them.

However, studies have shown that people who are comfortable in this sleeping position are complicated in nature.

They are usually open-minded and inviting, but can also be a little suspicious of people and are often very cynical.

And when it comes to making a decision, this group of people can be said to be very slow; but once their mind is made up about something, they are as fixed as being fixed can be.


3. The log

There are people who prefer the log position when it comes to zooming off to dreamland. This position entails lying on their side with their arms by their side.

Of course, this position can be very boring as it is stiff. But it doesn't mean the sleeper is boring too. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that the reverse is usually the case.

Sleep scientists suggest that people who sleep like a log are social butterflies. Although they are friendly, carefree, and popular, these social, trusting people are known for being gullible.

4. Soldier


Just as the name implies, soldier sleepers are known to lie flat on their backs with their arms near their bodies and down to the side.

Although studies have shown that this sleeping position may lead to problems with snoring which can decrease the overall quality of sleep, it is also considered the best sleeping position for pain prevention.

However, the personality traits of people who find comfort in this position while sleeping include, quietness, reserved, and hold both themselves and other people to high standards and strict moral codes.

5. Stomach

Also refer to as “free-fallers,” stomach sleepers tend to hold their pillow while sleeping, with arms to the side.


And according to sleep scientists, personality traits of people who sleep with their stomach include, outgoing personalities, brash, anxious and a feeling of not being caught up on a daily basis.

However, this position can increase back and neck pain. It is, therefore, advisable for people who sleep in this position to have full body support to minimize back pain.

6. Starfish

It is easier to picture this sleeping position with just the mention of the name. Starfish sleepers are known to sprawl out over the entire bed in a very comfortable and a carefree manner.

Sleep scientists claim that the personality traits of Starfish sleepers are friendly in nature. They are ever willing to lend an ear or give a helping hand to their friends in need.



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