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5 simple ways to stop snoring

Don't ruin your relationship by snoring

It can be frustrating when people keep on reminding you to stop snoring while you have no idea on how to stop it. People snore for various reasons and it ends up affecting those around them since they cannot enjoy their sleep.

The good news, however, is that snoring has a solution and you do not have to carry it along for the rest of your life. What follows are simple remedies that you can use to solve your snoring problem or that of your partner:

1. Cut your weight


If you recently added weight then began snoring, your extra weight might be the cause. Excess weight especially around the neck narrows your throat restricting air passage. When the flow of air is restricted, snoring happens.

2. Invest in a good pillow

A good pillow is supposed to keep your head aligned to your spine. Using a pillow ensures that the air paths remain open reducing the chances of snoring.

3. Deal with the allergies


The main reason why people snore is because the air cannot flow smoothly. If you have allergies that lead to nasal blockage, you need to stay away from them in order to stop snoring. A lasting solution, however is to have the allergy treated.

4. Avoid smoking/alcohol

Smoking irritates the mucus membranes which can lead air blockage. Also, alcohol relaxes the throat muscles thus interfering with the breathing system.

5. Clean up your bedroom

Keep your bed tidy by changing the sheets more often and dusting the room. This way, you will reduce the allergens that are likely to block your nasal cavity.


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