Strange things that happen to your body when you're asleep

Some pretty weird things happen to your body when you sleep.

Strange things that happen to your body when you're asleep

You know how you wake up and wonder why you are suddenly facing the bottom part of your bed instead of the front?

This and many other things that happen in our sleep such as snoring are the usual 'incidents' that we are used to hearing about when we sleep but there are other strange things that happen that we may not be aware of.

Here are some of the weird things that happen when we sleep.

Sleep paralysis

Yes, it happens. Your body goes through complete muscle paralysis when you are asleep. All muscles within your body are unable to move aside from those related to your eyes.

There is no clear reason why muscle or sleep paralysis happens but it’s definitely pretty scary knowing that for some time during the night, you may not be able to move.

Your teeth grind

If you’ve ever slept next to someone at night and start hearing as if they’re eating sweets in the middle of night, they are actually grinding their teeth.

There are numerous reasons why some people crush their teeth as they sleep with one of them being stressed.

Eye discharge

You know those crusts that form in the corner of your eyes? It’s a pretty gross mixture of mucus, oil and dust that, wait for it, help in the eye’s cleanliness and hygiene.

Here’s the scientific break down: There are three layers over the surface of the eye. A protective mucus membrane, a layer of water based lubrication and the outer layer made out of meibum which is made up of oils and sebum.

The meibum and water layer mix together to provide the eye with enough moisture and keep things like dust away. The meibum colls down during the night and becomes white and thick thus forming that crust in the corner of your eyes.

Sleep sex

So an interesting research done by the University Health Network in Toronto, studied more than 800 patients with sleep disorders and 8 percent of those studied “recorded incidents of sexsomnia”.

Sexsomnia is basically having sex with a partner while you are asleep.

“Many people have a vague recollection of it happening during the night or they wake up during sex,” says Dr. Winter. “It’s possible you may have been dreaming about sex or perhaps you went to bed with the urge.”


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