Ask a girl with a big bottom and they will tell you that it’s not just about other girls envying them. That they there are challenges that come with it and well, you cannot understand them unless you got a big bum as well.

1. Jeans rarely fit right

Big butt struggles (hotsexyfit)

If you get a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly well on your hips and the waist, you are a lucky one. For most girls with a big bum, this rarely happens. If the jeans fit at the hips, the waist will be too loose and won’t fit. And if they fit at the waist, they will be too baggy around the thighs.

2. Sharing a seat becomes problematic

If you are using the matatu, then you had better choose the single-seat so that you don’t have to squeeze other people.

3. Maneuvering in small spaces is such a hustle

When you are in a congested place, you try so hard to shrink yourself so that you can fit in the available space.

4. You don’t even know your size

Big butt problems (Fine Art America)

When someone asks your size, you don’t know what answer to give. Your size is, well, the size that fits.

5. People assume you can twerk

Big booty struggles gif (WhatCulture)

When you are at a party, everyone wants you to show them the moves and they won’t believe that you can’t twerk.

6. Knee-length dresses become micro-minis for you

You just have to get used to this and appreciate what your momma gave you?

7. You dread walking in front of people

Booty gif(Pinterest)

You know they will be staring and they could also be saying all sorts of things about your bum. So you will prefer walking behind everyone else.

8. Wedgies forever

Wedgy gif (Giphy)

When you have a big bum, wedgies are your friend. Your only savior is the thong.