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Telltale signs you could be infertile

Could you be infertile?


Ever cared to think about your fertility? It can be quite scary to even think that you could be infertile. But then it helps to know so that you can take the necessary measures earliest possible.

Taking a medical examination is the surest way to determine your fertility and to know its cause and how you can be helped. All the same, these telltale signs could also indicate that you have a problem:

1. You don’t have your periods


If you have never had your periods or used to have them but they stopped, you should check it out with the doctor. If you are not having your periods, it means that you are not ovulating and thus cannot conceive. Although your periods could have stopped for a different reason, it also could be because you are infertile.

2. Irregular periods

Although irregular periods are quite normal, there is a need to see a doctor if they are super irregular. For instance, if you can no longer tell when to next get them because they have become so unpredictable, it could be a red flag for infertility problems.

3. Extremely heavy periods


There are various reasons why you could be experiencing abnormally heavy flow infertility being one of them. The heavy periods could be a sign of menorrhagia a hormonal imbalance health condition that causes infertility.

4. Incredibly painful periods

Period pain is normal but if the pain is too much to bear, you might be suffering from endometriosis. Studies have it that women who suffer from endometriosis are at a higher risk of being infertile. Other endometriosis signs include; pelvic pain, painful sex, and reduced sex drive.

Be sure to visit a doctor if you have doubts about your fertility.


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