Genius toothbrush hacks every girl should know

How else do you use your toothbrush?

Woman holding toothbrush(Reader's Digest)

Apart from brushing your teeth, what else do you use your toothbrush for? Even that old toothbrush that you no longer use for oral hygiene can turn out to be of great help and a time saver.

Take a look at these genius toothbrush hacks for instance and try making use of them. You will always want to have an extra toothbrush.

1. Cleaning your nails

Bacteria and germs can breed in your nails if you don’t clean them well. If you keep long nails, you will need to clean them often and a toothbrush makes the job easier. Whether it’s your finger or toenails, you can use a toothbrush to clean out the dirt between your nails and the skin.

2. Tame your eyebrows

Apart from using petroleum jelly to tame your eyebrows, you can also use a toothbrush.

3. Exfoliate your lips

Nobody wants chapped lips. They are unsightly and can also cause your lippy to smudge. To make sure that your lips are always soft and smooth, it’s best to exfoliate them regularly. To do this, you need a soft toothbrush and the scrub of your choice. Then, gently brush your lips in circular motions to get rid of the dead skin cells.

4. Doing your edges

After applying your preferred gel on your edges, use your toothbrush to style them the way you love. It’s much easier than when you do it with your fingers.

5. De-clump mascara

This hack works perfectly when you accidentally apply more mascara than necessary. Use a clean soft toothbrush and carefully brush off the excess mascara until you achieve your desired look.

6. Sink edges

The edges of your sinks and drainage can be tough to clean with the ordinary laundry brush. Use a toothbrush to clean those areas that the laundry brush can’t reach.


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