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How to wear the latest earring trend - tassel earrings

Don't be left behind

I have always been a fan of statement earrings because they play a huge role in sprucing up the entire look. Statement earrings come in many forms. You could have an ear cuff, an earring that’s inscribed some words, one with the shape of something you love or what every stylish person is wearing at the moment - tassel earrings.

Tassel earrings are the earrings of the season and they have been approved by fashion IT girls, Instagram fashionistas as well as celebrities, fashion retailer and designers. It’s no doubt that this is the jewelry trend of 2018.

Tassel earrings come in all sizes, shapes and colors. The good thing is that they look good on any hair style. Be it hair down, an updo or even with a turban on. Just remember that less is more when wearing them so that you do not end up looking too busy.


Since the earrings are already eye catching, avoid pairing them with other accessories such as a necklace or if you do, go for something simple in nature like a pendant.

You can find the earrings in downtown shops as well as Instagram shops in Nairobi.

See how fashionistas are wearing them:


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