5 UTI myths you should stop believing

Don’t be fooled


Urinary tract infections (UTI) are not uncommon among women in their reproductive years. Although they can be pretty annoying and persistent, the good thing is that they are preventable and curable.

Whereas it’s okay to remain watchful about the causes and symptoms of UTI, there are myths that should not believe. Some of the common myths people still hold about UTI include:

1. It’s a women’s thing

Well, women are more prone to UTI due to their physiological structure. Bacteria can easily get into their bladder through the urethra more easily than it is for men. Even so, men too suffer from UTI. Men should thus get it clear that they are not immune UTIs and should also be careful.

2. UTI is sexually transmitted

This is yet another big lie. UTI is not an STI. The only reason you can get UTI after sex is because bacteria gets pushed into your urethra during sex. You should thus pee after sex and before sex to get rid of any bacteria that may cause infections.

3. UTIs will disappear on their own

Still, most people find it uncomfortable to discuss about their struggle with UTI. Some may opt to remain silent due to embarrassment and even fail to go to the doctor. But the truth of the matter is that UTIs cannot disappear on their own. You have to seek treatment because if the conditions gets severe, other parts of the body such as the kidneys will be affected.

4. You can’t get them if you maintain hygiene

Improper hygiene puts you at a higher risk of getting urinary tract infections. All the same, it is possible to maintain high levels of hygiene and still get it. Other factors such as being a woman and pregnancy also put you at risk.

5. Cranberry juice cures UTI

With all its health benefits, this juice can never be used as the cure for UTIs. So don’t skip your meds just because you think you can use cranberry juice instead.

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