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4 things to do that will make you lose weight

It's the little things you do.

It may just be in the little things you do.

1.Eat meals and not snacks

A recent study suggests that people who eat fewer, larger meals weighed less as compared to those that eat little meals frequently.


Apparently, you burn more calories when processing a larger meal that many little meals.

2.Eat whole grains

Whole grains require extra energy to break down. The fiber they contain also help to break down calories before they are stored in the body.

3.Sleep in a cool room

Researchers conducted a study whereby volunteers slept in a 75-degree room and others slept in 66 degrees room.


After 30 days of the experiment, it was discovered that those that slept in colder rooms had their fat at 42 percent while their metabolism was 10 percent more faster.

4.Don’t clean your plate

Leave a few bites of food on your plate instead of finishing it all. According to nutritionists, doing this will help to get rid of 200 calories a day.


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