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4 mistakes you're making when trying to lose weight

Trying to shed a few kgs?

Fat lady working out(self)

We have to remind ourselves of the goal that we are working towards and put a lot of effort into achieving that goal. Many a times, we get tired along the way and even give up, especially when we fail to see results. But, weight loss is all about consistency. You will not see results after a few days – but for sure, consistently doing your workout and eating right will get you the results you desire after a while. A lot of times though, when we are losing weight, we make some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly and here are some of them:

1. Thinking that it’s not working.

See, most of the times, when you work out, you will be burning fat but not necessary shedding a few kgs so to say. So, you may weigh yourself and see that you have not made any progress in your weight loss, but the truth of the matter is, your muscle is increasing as you’re losing fat. Don’t worry about the scale focus more on how your clothes fit as that will be the best indicator of whether you’re losing weight or not.


2. Keeping the calories lower.

Certain calories affect the weight differently. Instead of focusing on a certain calorie model, focus on the type of food you eat.

3. Sugar.

The purpose of fat is to stop you from starvation of sugar. Basically, fat acts as a backup fuel in case you run out of sugar. Most people don’t burn enough fat because they don’t starve themselves of sugar. They go on a low carb diet which might not be enough starvation of sugar. If your metabolism is slow, you can’t do sugar in moderation, you have to do zero sugar so cut down on sugars to enable your body burn fat. Don’t lie to yourself that you can do everything in moderation (a few sweets here and there, wine, beer, etc.) and that it’s going to be just fine.


4. Doing long tedious exercises.

Cardio and weight loss go hand in hand that’s what most of us have been conditioned to believe. However, initially, cardio, which stands for cardiovascular exercises was meant for a healthy heart. For you to burn a lot of calories, you need to partake in at least 1 hour of cardio and not many of us have that much time on our hands so sooner than later, you will end up getting bored and give up. Instead, try high intense interval training – this will burn calories faster than a normal cardio would.


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