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Here is why your period lasts longer than usual

What’s the longest period you’ve had?


Most periods last between 2-5 days. However, people are different and some have them for up to seven days which is no cause for alarm.

However, if you have been having your periods for let’s say three days and they have changed to more than seven days, don’t just assume that everything is okay.

While longer periods may not necessarily mean that you have serious health issues, it’s better if you stay alert about the changes in your body.

That said, check out these reasons that may lead to longer periods than usual:


1. Miscarriage

If you missed your period after having unprotected sex recently, it could be that you have lost your pregnancy. Research shows that more than half of pregnancies end in miscarriages even before the woman realizes that she was pregnant. If it’s actually a miscarriage, it may last longer.

2. Pregnancy

Hurrah! Congratulations to you as you might soon be a mother. We all know that a missed period is a common sign for pregnancy but this is not always the case. Abnormal menses accompanied with longer bleeding is also a sign of pregnancy although other pregnancy symptoms such as nausea may be missing. If you experience longer periods than usual, taking a test to eliminate the probability of pregnancy is recommended.


3. Birth control

If you are on hormonal birth control, you may experience longer periods than usual. The pills, implants, and rings have the ability to manipulate your hormones and affect your menstrual cycle. Your doctor can, however, help you make a choice about the best birth control method if one method is affecting you.

4. Endometriosis


This is yet another condition that leads to extremely painful periods that last longer than usual.

5. Thyroid issues

Your thyroid glands are responsible for controlling the hormones in your body including those related to menstruation. If the gland produces very little of the thyroid hormone, it could lead to extremely long and heavy periods.


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