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Our day-to-day guide to get you through the week

Monday blues can be real.

Here is my day-to-day guide with tips and tricks how you will make it from Monday until Friday.

1. Monday – THE START

Alright it is the beginning of the week and your biggest task now is to prepare for the work ahead of you. First you gotta organize your messy desk from the week before and throw all the papers you don’t need anymore into the bin. It will already make you happier and reduce your feeling of stress. Now get your to-do list out and start with the easiest task first – trick your mind – soon you have the first task you can tick off your list. This will give you confidence and motivation for the long week you have ahead of you with all the annoying meetings.


2. Tuesday – the bitch

OK, OK we all know it is the worst day. All the motivation you had on Monday is now gone so we have got to get it back! Sounds horrible but make yourself do a power workout in the morning to get your energy back and boost your self- esteem. Also get your snacks out you will need them. Try to snack on nuts and dark chocolate, they are comforting and will energize you. Also, drinking tea especially during these cold days will help you relax, mint and chamomile teas are highly recommended.

3. Wednesday - the golden middle


Guys, celebrate it is the middle of the week! You have half the week behind you. That is a reason to celebrate with your office colleagues. Organize a fun get- together for after work, so you all have something to look forward to. At the same time it will improve the atmosphere and relation between colleagues in the office. The middle of the week also calls for another challenge, which is: learn to say “No!”. It is impossible to be able to do everything at once. Unbalanced Work overload can happen very quickly; make sure that you don’t have to do the tasks of others but get your own ones done.

4. Thursday - so close but still so far

Oh hello it is Thursday, a day of mixed feelings. Either you are a positive thinker and see Thursday as a good day, the day that screams “yeeey, only one day to go” or it is the opposite. Well, in that case my advice for you is stay of that bloody phone in the morning and instead have a nice walk outside, if possible go to a park, and drink a huge glass of water. It will refresh you and clear your mind. Some me-time in the morning will separate you from all the work stress and get you psychologically ready for the day. Try to think about the fact that there is only Friday left.

5. Friday - THE END

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday! The weekend is so close but don’t forget you still have tasks to get done before. Do not let the weekend feeling stop you from getting up early and checking your to-do list. See how much you have left and make a tight plan so that you get everything done by the time the clock shouts “get down ‘cause it’s the weekeeend!”. Listen to some Jazz music and eat your brainfood to keep you going. You will be proud and glad at the end of the day that you can have a work-free weekend and fully enjoy your well-deserved Friday night-out.


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