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5 reasons why you should not date a broke guy

Not wanting to date a broke guy does not necessarily make you a gold-digger.

Here are some of them.

They are constantly complaining about their situation but doing nothing about it

Being broke sucks, everyone knows that – however it gets a bit irritating when someone keeps complaining about it over and over again and they do not do anything about it.


They are talkers but rarely are they doers and honestly at some point the woman gets tired of always listening to the complaining. All they want you to do is to get pro-active and do something about it. They will support you regardless.


Speaking on being supportive. Some broke guys may get insecure if you for instance help them financially. A lot of men have grown up to believe that they should be the man of the house - though times are changing- so when they rely on their woman for financial assistance, they can get a bit insecure.


There are those times when a woman will need something from their man but they might not be able to deliver.


A lot of times, their not being able to help will come with a different excuse like how their friend hasn’t returned the money they owe them yet.

They can get comfortable

This applies to the lazy guys that just want everything done for them. They will get used to being pampered and may forget that they were supposed to be searching for a job and for some women it may feel like they are raising the man.

You deserve better

There is nothing wrong with having certain financial standards. It is allowed. Not to say that money is everything in a relationship but it is a necessary factor to consider when dating someone that you see a future with.


Your interests may end up not being in the same place and this can cause a disconnect between you and your partner.


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