Things you shouldn’t post on social media about your relationships

How much is too much?

One of the more popular things that people, more so couples, are doing these days is documenting their relationships on social media.

Taking into consideration that it is the couple’s choice on whether to document their life on social media or not, there are some things that they probably should not.

Here are some of them.


This is never a good idea. Throwing jabs at each other on Facebook and Twitter does not help you solve whatever issue you have but rather creates a bigger problem.

You expose your problems to the social media world and this invites people to comment on what is happening in your relationship.

So don’t get annoyed when people when they tell you how they think your boyfriend is a douche bag because if you posted it then you surely must have wanted a reaction from the public otherwise what was the point of doing so.


It is very easy to figure out whether someone has broken up with their significant other by simply looking through their social media pages.

Most of the photos with their significant other have now been deleted and you see a lot of “single and ready to mingle” status updates flooding your timeline.

It’s honestly just a bit awkward for your social media followers and once again they will feel the need to comment on it.

Every little detail of your relationship

Have you ever met some people on social media that just cannot seem to stop posting about their relationship.

They document every little thing that happens in their life. From the moment they open their eyes in the morning to what they are having for lunch that day – you never miss a single thing about their lives.

Expensive gifts

Take Kim Kardashian’s unfortunate Paris incident as an example. After the Paris attack, it was believed that her posting all those photos of the expensive jewelry that her husband bought for her could have made her an easy target for the robbers.

Posting the expensive gifts your partner got for you can sometimes translate as though you are showing off to your social media followers.

Private things about your partner

What ever happened to “these photos are for your eyes only”? There is a reason why you are the only one that received those photos.

Although we all love gawking at how hot someone's boyfriend/girlfriend is.

Unless your partner is okay with it, posting sexy photos of your significant other on social media without their knowledge is more of a breaking of trust thing other than “I’m just showing off what I’ve got” kind of situation.

Take the celebrities that have gone through sour break-ups and have had their nude photos leaked for the purpose of revenge – it never ends well.


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