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10 things you didn't know about Zari and Diamond's relationship

According to Islamic law the two have been fornicating for the last four years of their relationship

True to the name, keeping up with the Platnumz has been the bloggers’ go-to for epic reads on money, sex and drama. It’s just last Monday that Diamond accused Zari of being unfaithful stating in his post on Instagram that it is why he cheats as women cannot be trusted. (I know. But somehow, this made sense to him.)

Zari clapped back with a self-redeeming post explaining that the man in question is simply an uncle to her children. (Children with her first love, the recently deceased Ivan Don Ssemwanga.


Still, what’s to be expected of two highly eligible media icons who ‘fell in love’ at the wake of a break-up with budding careers in a very demanding media industry. Mind you, both have baggage from their previous relationships. Zari has children from a previous marriage and Diamond a list of well-known beauties that he still keeps in close contact with.

Below is all you need to know about Zari and Diamond’s ‘situationship’.

1. The two started dating back in December 2014 after singer Diamond Platnumz ditched Tanzanian Sweetheart Wema Sepetu for his Ugandan love, socialite and business woman, Zarinah Tlale.

2. Of course things didn’t go so well with Wema as she and Zari took their differences to the media. For a few months last year, Wema spent a good chunk of her online time claiming that Zari’s latest daughter, Princess Tiffah was not Diamond’s but Zari’s ex-husband Ivan.

3. But the boys were not to be left behind either, the deceased, Ivan, was part of the Rich Gang. A group of rich men who move around partying. And the big boys had no love to lose when it came to Diamond. In fact, one of the members, King Lawrence was willing to pay Diamond Kes4million to leave Zari.


4. Diamond has, on several occasions, referred to Zari as his wife. However, it is understood that he is yet to meet his in-laws to formalize their union. Early this year Zari made news with her extravagant demands of how she wants her wedding to look like. Speaking to Tanzania’s Mikasa newspaper, she explained that Diamond was to go to Uganda and officially ask her family for his hand in marriage and according to Islam he would be heavily fined for getting her pregnant before going through with the nuptials.

5. The couple has two children. Their first born Latifah Dangote was born late 2015 and their new born son, Nillan Dangote last December. Both children are now brand ambassadors and making their own fortune.

6. Beyond the money made from the babies’ advertisements and social gigs, Zari is still making a fortune from the multimillion business she started with Ivan that she is now managing in South Africa.

7. Speaking of South Africa, did you know that Diamond and Zari don’t live together?


Beyond the million and one trips he makes to various countries, Diamond is resident in Tanzania where he manages his record label, Wasafi records while Zari stays in South Africa managing her businesses. Right now, Diamond is in South Africa with his baby mama and children. Yes, Zari is a baby mama.

8. Zari has a decade on Diamond as she is 37 years old while Diamond just hit his late twenties with 27 years to his name.

9. In May, Ivan passed on after a short term of illness. His death led to the increased tension between the two lovers. As a successful business mogul, Ivan left most of his wealth for his children with Zari as a guardian while she succeeded his properties and their businesses.

10. No, the two have not broken up. After Zari’s come back to the cheating allegations, both her and Diamond pulled down the negative posts from their social pages and as of now, Diamond is with her and their babies in South Africa. Talk about damage control!


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