Uber driver reveals mannerless things University students do in cabs

Chit chat with an uber guy reveals interesting details about University students


John (not his real name) is in his early 30s and has had annoying experiences especially when driving around university students.

The father of one took up the taxi business as a part-time affair since his daytime job is flexible enough to allow that.

John divulged that as a cab driver he came to learn that most University students, who can afford to call a cab, usually feel entitled to this service.

“Unajua hao huona since they can call a cab it is as if they are doing you a favour,” John mentioned.

He noted that some of them (students) get into the taxi and light up their cigarettes, filling the whole vehicle with smoke.

“There was once a guy who entered my car and started smoking. When I told him that  he could not do that in my car, he became very rude, So I parked the car by the roadside and asked him to get out,” he disclosed.

John, who lives in Kasarani pointed out that students from the United States International University (USIU) were particularly 'very manner less' and he deliberately tries to avoid them.

“Some of these young guys think that a cab is their house. There are some who put their feet on the seats as if they are at home.

“Others come in and play loud music you would think we are in a club." he said.

John disclosed that to get away from the drama of millennials, he prefers driving corporate clients.

"Corporate clients are more mature and they are aware that you can easily report them to their employer in case they misbehave. They also would not want to spoil the company’s name,” John noted.

Have you ever experienced a physical attack while at work?

No, this can be difficult because it is easy to track the assailant since their information is on record.

As we drew near my house John concluded by highlighting that a section of Kenyans using cabs were simply rude and can really annoy a driver.

"They need to realize that nobody is doing the other a favour, we all need each other," John stated as he drove off.


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