7 best dressed Kenyan celebrity kids (photos)

The mini fashionistas

Sometimes I see kids dressed in boots and cardigans on a bloody hot day and I’m just like…

Like why put your child through the agony? Lol.

Shops such as LC Waikiki and the Deacons stores have really good and stylish clothes for kids. If that’s above your budget, then you could always go for thrift store clothes by shopping at places such as Mtindwa or Toi market. Clothing items like dungarees, shorts, cute t-shirts really come in handy when dressing your kid.

For kids, the most important thing is comfort. You should also consider buying simple clothes that the kid can easily put on without your help for those days when you’re swamped with other things to do. For Kenyan celebrity kids, they have the whole fashion thing figured out!

1. Jaguar's son has style for days.

2. Jaguar's daughters are constantly twinning in stylish dresses.

3. Silvia Njoki's daughter Nielsine is dressed in cute girly outfits and sometimes, twins with her mom.

4. DJ Creme's son Jamari's style is effortlessly trendy and comfortable.

5. Size 8 and DJ Mo's daughter Ladasha is always a cutie in cute outfits.

6. Eko Dydda's sons, Keep It Real and Am Blessed. The sibling duo loves their style like their daddy, jeans, sneakers and that whole hip hop vibe.

7. Child model Lil Miss Belle and her small sister are the cutest sibling duo in girly and trendy outfits.


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