This lace up jeans trend is not for the faint hearted

Would you rock these?

Now, another fashion retail company has introduced sexy lace up jeans and trust me you need balls to wear them.

When we think of lace up jeans, we think of a normal pair of jeans with lace up details say at the side or front. Something like this...


Well, popular Carlifornia-based clothing brand, Fashion Nova has introduced lace up jeans unlike any other, dubbed 'Wild thang' lace up pants.

The pants are called 'wild thang' for a reason. The denim only covers the upper thighs and the coochie from the front. When we talk of jaw dropping fashion, this is it.

The jeans cost a whooping 49.99$ approximately five proper ngwanyes in Kenya (do people still use that word?). I bet you're wondering how one would wear them? I mean, with all the strings and stuff? Well, the wild thang jeans come with a zip at the back to make them easy to wear.

Fashion Nova is a viral clothing brand that became one of the most searched for clothing brands on Google without any advertisements. The brand that has over 11 million followers on Instagram uses top influncers such as Kylie Jenner and Cardi B to promote their trendy wear. According to the CEO, Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova prides itself in creating many different designs so that ladies have options when hitting the club and so that they do not all look the same.

I must say though, these pants are hella sexy for a night out, don't you think?

But imagine the lines you'd have after removing them? Lol can blood even flow? What if one string katikaz when you're doing the gwara gwara pale Kiza.

Wah, some trends, wacha tu tuachie watu wa majuu.

So, are you bold enough to rock the wild thang lace up pants?

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