Is this Nairobi's most stylish man? (photos)

Swagga balaa

Compared to their Nigerian counterparts, Kenyan men do not even try to look good or dress the part. Baggy suits, socks with sandals, sagging crotches, and any other horrendous fashion choices that you can think of is what characterizes the average Kenyan man's style.

Why most men don’t try to look the part? I have no idea…maybe they’re just not bothered. To them, a pair of jeans and a shirt or t-shirt is good enough. And that’s fine really, to each his own. If you wanna look kaodo funny that’s up to you but do remember that the first impression is everything. A man should always dress like the man he wants to become.

And speaking of dressing up, I’m a firm believer that every man needs at least three suits; a black one, navy blue and ash grey suit. When it comes to suits, the rule of thumb is to make it simple but significant. One gentleman who has mastered the art of dressing up in bespoke suits is Bryson Okut.

Bryson is a Fashion Designer at Cittifficial Klothing, an award-winning menswear clothing line. Bryson, who goes by the name Tailor_001 on Instagram is one hell of a talented Designer, even though his focus is on menswear, he also makes clothes for women. Bryson has a strong inclination towards details and an exquisite taste in style; as a matter of fact, he gets high on his own supply by rocking his own designs so effortlessly and we definitely give him a pat on the back!

Is he Nairobi’s most stylish man? These photos kinda sorta prove he is…

Stylish huh?

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