7 hat styles that will fashionably save you from a bad hair day (Photos)

Bad hair day? No problem

Of course, hats mostly come in handy if you work in a less formal environment or if it's a weekend. You simply cannot go to your bank teller job in a hat cause it's not a professional look. This year, different hat styles have been circling the street style sphere and looks like the trends are here to stay, at least for now. We all have those terrible bad hair days and what better way to salvage a bad hair day than by rocking a stylish hat to add an unexpected dimension to your weekend look?

Here are 7 hat styles that will instantly save you from a bad hair day:

1. Bucket hat.

This hat style was stylish a while back and even though it's not particularly the trendiest accessory at the moment, you can still rock it on a hot day. It especially looks super edgy worn over lengthy braids.

2. Beret hat.

The beret has got to be one of the biggest trends of 2018. The oh-so Parisian hat is still quite on trend and I got to admit that it's one sure fire way to turn a boring outfit from dull to dazzling, oh, while of course salvaging a bad hair day. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

3. Newsboy cap.

Another big hat trend of 2018. Very stylish hat this one and while it will come in handy to save you from a bad hair day, it will definitely not compromise on your style, if anything, it will add flair to the whole look.

4. The baseball hat.

Simple yet chic and can be paired with just about anything, from jeans to flirty weekend dresses and skirts.

5. Straw hats.

Need to go on a weekend getaway but your hair looks like a catastrophe about to happen? The straw hat to the rescue. While a straw hat may not look appropriate on all outfits, it's definitely a vacation style must-have.

6. Turbans.

There are turban hats but if you have none, you can always tie a head wrap over your hair or braids for an Afro-chic look.

7. Felt hat.

Stylish, super chic and can be styled with nearly any outfit.


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