Six ankara tips you should learn from Joy Kendi

And 6 Ankara outfits that are a must have.

Not only does she travel the world and get to try out various products for reviews, she’s a woman who’s on top of her business, fitness and style.

Speaking of style, it’s quite easy to get lost in her Instagram just staring at her gorgeous looks. But beyond the admire and slight (… maybe not so slight) desire to look and live like her, Kendi’s page is full of fashion tips and ideas that you could definitely try out.

Today’s class is on her Ankara.

Here’s six lessons we’ve learnt so far.

1. When it comes to matching fabrics, your best bet is mixing complementary colors. You’ve just got to love the length of that skirt.

2. Ankara prints look amazing when dressed fitted with monochrome outfits. This white and blue ensemble looks simple yet classy enough to rock to high end events.

3. The shorter your Ankara dress the higher the heels. Not only will they make your legs look longer, high heels will also boost your stance and walk when you strut the streets.

4. Again, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Switch your jacket with a Maasai Kikoi for the cold.

5. It doesn’t have to be clothes. Accessories can change a classy urban look into a cultural design if done well. Check Joy out, ideas for your traditional wedding?

6. You can rock as much strings as you want as long as the swimsuit fits your frame. Don't you just want a piece like this for yourself?


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