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Key considerations before purchasing a corset top

They look good when you see those Instagram models wearing them, you even see some friends wearing them and you say to yourself let me get some because why not? You also deserve to look good too.

Things you should know before buying a corset

This was the exact feeling my sister and I had when we decided to buy a corset top, we were seeing it everywhere they looked good so we decided to jump on the trend, but after we had it, there are things we wished someone had told us before purchasing it;

You need help; to wear a corset top is not child’s play, you may not be able to wear it alone, and you’ll need the help of another person or even a whole village to be able to successfully wear a corset top. Even when it comes to dresses with zips at the back we struggle to close them up how much more a top that has to be laced at the back? Good luck finding help because you’ll need it to wear and not just to wear it but to take it off.

You need special skills; if you want to try putting on the corset top by yourself because you have no one to help you, then you’ll have to develop special skills, because if you lack skill you may never be able to wear that top, you’ll need to learn how to lace it at the front then turn it to the back and pull the lace from behind till it tightens up and fit the way it’s supposed to.

You need to be flexible; it was when we bought this top that my sister and I realized that flexibility mattered. When you try to lace it at the front before turning it to the back then using your hands to pull it from behind to tighten it up. sigh! Such a chore.


You need practice and the grace of God; wearing it for the first time is frustrating, and taking it off is even more frustrating, but ask God for patience as you keep practicing your get better don’t be like me and my sister who gave up when things became tough. Keep practicing gill you get used to it, you can even watch tutorials on YouTube they’re very useful.

It’s also important to mention that they’re not always as comfortable as they look but once you get used to it I’m sure you’ll love it. So yeah, if you want it you should get it but just don’t give up when it gets tough.

Though my sister and I gave up and never ever thought of getting a corset top again in our lives, we love to see other women rock it they look good on you!


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