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Stylish ways to wear a Maasai Shuka as a cold weather accessory

How to make a Maasai Shuka look stylish

If you do not have the necessary cold weather accessories to keep you warm without compromising on your style, fret not, we got you.

Now, we all have a Maasai Shuka laying somewhere in the house, which we mostly use as a cover up while watching movies. The Maasai Shuka is associated with the Maasai communities of East Africa. The colorful blanket is the signature look of the pastoral community, worn by both men and women by simply wrapping it around their bodies and securing it with a belt albeit the women also throw it over their shoulders. With time though, the Shuka has become a fashion piece with even international brands such as Louis Vuitton using it for some of his designs, specifically the spring/summer collection 2012 which sparked a huge debate on cultural appropriation. But the point is, now, the Shuka is not just a piece used by Maasais only - the rest of the world has paid homage to the famous fabric by using it either as a décor or fashion accessory. As a matter of fact, the Shuka pulls a double duty as a cold weather accessory. Yup, we will show you ways to incorporate your Maasai Shuka into your wardrobe as a cold weather accessory.

Here’s how.


1. Use it as a chunky scarf wrapped around your neck.

2. Or on your head, if the baridi is too much.

3. Throw it over your outfit as a poncho.

4. Turn it into a kimono by belting it up, you could either go for a chunky belt or a skinny one, whatever floats your boat.

5. Wear it as a sexy asymmetrical top paired with jeans and heels for a night event.


7. The style is not limited to ladies only, the men too can rock it as a trendy mankini.


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