6 fashion mistakes men need to stop making

How to be fashionable for men

Some outfits have specific functions and they have no business being worn to events or any such thing.

Here are 6 common fashion mistakes men should avoid.

1. Sandals

You should only wear such sandals if you're going on a long distance trip and it's likely to be humid. These should be relegated to the back of your closet and they should never be worn with socks.

2. Matching tie and pocket square

Ordinarily, when wearing a suit, there are many rules you have to follow. Don't wear a belt when wearing a waistcoat. Don't button the lowest button of your jacket.

However the most reoccurring fashion sin when it comes to suits is making the pocket square match the tie.

3. Cargo shorts

Don't wear these unless you're going camping.

4. Short socks

If you're in a formal setting, the socks you wear should always be above your ankles. When you wear a fitted suit, your pant legs will ride up when you sit down. And nobody should be subjected to the sight of your hairy unmoisturised legs.

5. Top button undone when wearing a necktie

If you want to undo the first button of the shirt, take off the tie. When you have the first button undone, you look like a recalcitrant school child.

6. Big shirt collars

When your shirt is too large for your neck, it will fold when you wear a tie around your neck. And it looks unpresentable.


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