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6 major mistakes men make with their shoes

Taking a step in the right fashion.

In most events where a first impression is key, shoes are one of the main things people look at.

To avoid making a fool of yourself or to fail to be taken seriously you should first of all NEVER wear socks with sandals. That is a cardinal sin in the world of fashion.

But there are various shoes that are mistakes to wear.


Here are key mistakes men need to avoid making.

1. Flip flops and jeans

Flip flops go with beach or summer wear. Capri pants, cut-off shorts etc. Wearing jeans with sandals is only forgivable if you have a swollen foot.

2. Cowboy boots


Unless you're in the outback or an actual cowboy, you shouldn't be wearing cowboy boots with khakhis, jeans, slacks or at all.

3. Sneakers

Unless you're an athlete in athletic wear, stop wearing sports shoes as part of your ensemble. There are trendier options such as a pair of Converse, or Vans. Would you wear soccer boots to work? No. So why wear sports shoes anywhere apart from the field?

4. Colourful soles



5. Square toed shoes

Square toed shoes are ugly and unflattering to the finished look of a polished gentleman.

6. Slip on shoes

Unless you're wearing loafers or sneakers, slip on shoes should be a no-no. They're rather juvenile.


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