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Here are handy tips to help you buy clothes online hustle free

No more buying clothes that are too small or too big

Shopping online can be scary for first timers.

When you're shopping, normally, you wanna be able to try on what you're buying, feel the fabric and see how you look in what you're buying. But online shopping doesn't give you that luxury. Still, it's super convenient cause you can do it from the comfort of your house or office. You just need to have a few online shopping tips to make sure that you're buying items that will actually fit.

Nowadays, there are so many Instagram shops in Kenya that sell stylish second hand clothes. Most of these shops are purely online, so, if you want to shop till you drop without worrying whether what you're buying will fit, worry not. We got you.

Here are tips for shopping online.


1. Make sure you know your sizes and they're updated.

Do not take the measurements yourself. Go to a tailor and have him/her take accurate measurements of your hips, bust, height etc. These will be a big factor when shopping online. Also, the word updated here is the keyword. Keep updating these measurements cause it's normal for your weight to fluctuate.

2. When it comes to the shoe size,

My best advise is to go to Bata, they have a foot measuring device that will give you your exact shoe size. Also, keep in mind the country chart. For instance, a size 5 UK will not be the same as size 5 US, China, etc. It maybe wise to enquire first with the seller if they have not clearly indicated.

3. Look at the mannequin or model showcasing the item you want to buy.


The size of the model or mannequin will help you gauge if the item can fit or not.

4. Be open minded.

It's important to remember that the color may not be as exactly as it looks online. Also, the item may not look as good on you as it did on the model.

5. Enquire on the fabric if not indicated.

Most shops will indicated the fabric and whether it's stretchy or not. In the event they don't, be sure to ask on the fabric before buying. You don't wanna buy something that has a fabric that itches or that clings to the skin.


6. Keep a list of the shops from which you have been buying, what fit perfectly and what needed adjustments.

This list will help avoid stores whose clothes always need adjustments, next time you're shopping online.

7. Be loyal.

If you bought from specific shops and the size and items were just what you had hoped they'd be, be a loyal customer and make that store one of your go to online shops to avoid disappointments.

8. Read on the return policy.


Be sure to check very carefully on the return policy. While some shops are kind enough to let you exchange an item that doesn't fit, most shops do not allow returns. Which takes me to my next point.

9. Identity a badass tailor.

Yeah, you're gonna need a reliable tailor that's really good at making adjustments. This is for when you buy items that end up being too big and need resizing.

10. If you buy something and it doesn't fit and it's not re-sizeable and you cannot exchange it,

You can always swap with a friend, resell it to someone or gift someone. Don't fret, when it comes to online shopping, you win some and lose some.


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