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Sexy poses you should be trying to boost your Instagram feed

Honestly, who doesn't want to know how to pose properly?

It is all about posting and sharing your life with the world on social networks. Nearly all celebrities, models, actors, singers and other artists post about their daily lives and we normal ass groupies try to do the same. I mean, who isn't jealous of Huddah Monroes insane posing skills?! In all honesty we all want to be able to pose the same way. But how will we? Well, it is not that hard actually if you just keep following our posing guide.

Here are 5 simple but sexy poses you need to know:

1. Standing up - from the back


Sexiness from behind, yaaas. Perfect to show off your curvy body line and your, the ass. It seems more difficult than it is. You just gotta find a nice fancy wall and then lie half against it with your shoulder and right arm, and the rest of the body you turn away in a s-shape. Always remember to stand on your tip toes! It stretches your whole body and makes you look slimmer.

2. The one leg up - from the side

This pose brings movement into your picture and works the best by wearing something flowy. Be it at the beach in a bikini and kimono or in a cute dress, it always works. Your legs will look slim and toned. If you have the balance stay on your tip toes and maybe even do a little jump. Also don’t ever forget to play with your hair!

3. Standing up front against a wall – sideways


A very seductive pose. Especially if you get the expression of your face right. You can easily practice in front of a mirror. So important here is that only your butt and your upper shoulder with head lie against the well. There has to be this hole between your back and the wall. On tip toes again, have one leg straight and the other in an angle. Then let one hand rest on the angled leg and with the other you can play with your hair or simply touch the wall. You can really get creative with this one.

4. Lying down in s-shape

This is a real sexy pose! Especially if you are lying on your bed in underwear or (which is probably more the case) in cute bikini at the beach with some sand on your body. This pose works best when you lie uphill. Really important here have on leg in an angle and the other straight then round up your upper body. Imagine you want to get a taste of heaven with your boobies… It is very flattering if you lay one arm (don’t tense) next to your body and with the other one hug your head.

5. The classy one


Very simple but if rightly done so hot! Just turn your back to the camera and then drop one shoulder, and turn your head over the shoulder towards the camera. Again, you’ve got to practice your facial expressions first but other than that this pose always works. Don’t forget your hair to be on fleek for this one. Don’t you dare tie it back!


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