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10 reasons why every woman needs a bodysuit in her wardrobe

Your man will love the sight of you in one

10 reasons why every woman needs a bodysuit in her wardrobe

One of the must have prized possessions every woman needs in her wardrobe is a good bodysuit. Seriously, its versatility is unparalleled.

This is the one item that you can wear with literally anything. If you want to dress down a pair of jeans, shorts or a skirt, bodysuit to the rescue! They also come in many colors, patterns and designs. If you want one with spaghetti straps, backless, one hand sleeve or turtle neck, you’ll definitely find one.

Bodysuits are especially perfect when wearing either high waisted clothing or very low waist clothes to avoid those panty peek-a-boos.


Like every good thing, bodysuits do come towed with one disadvantage-peeing time is basically a bitch. But we still love them anyway.

Here’s why every woman needs a bodysuit.

1. They look ridiculously cute dressed down with jeans.

2. And dressed up for a night out look.

3. You can get them in sexy designs.


4. As well as sophisticated designs.

5. Need a sultry jaw dropping photo shoot? A body suit will do just that...

6. Besides their versatility to be paired with nearly anything, from casual to official looks, they also look great paired with anything high waisted.

7. There's a thin line between bodysuits and bikinis and some bodysuits can pass as a bikini, thus pulling a double duty at the beach.

8. They're easy as ABC to style and accessorize.


9. You can get them in different fabrics and styles.

10. Your man will probably love the sight of you in one hehe.


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